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Duct Machine

Lock former machine

Flanging arc segments
The R-15S flanging machine offers a proven technology in the ventilation industry, when arc segments are manufactured for air ducts. The forming rolls turns up 90 degree flanges on radius cheeks so that the parts are ready for Pittsburgh or Snap lock joints. Quick, Safe, Cost efficient.

RAS Flanging Machine Highlights
Quick turn-up of flanges on straight, round and curved duct segments
Standing seam for joints with Pittsburgh seam
Cam standing seam for  joints with snap-lock seam
Attachment for cam standing seam cuts and pierces the cams
Pre-bending station with adjustable stop
Infinite adjustment for sheet thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 mm
Spring steel insert in the machine table increases longevity
Automatic sheet guiding system for flange heights (8 or 10 mm)
Infinite speed for high productivity and safe material handling
Configuration for stainless steel air ducts available
  • Durable machine table
    The wide support surface at the run-in and run-out side of the machine supports the air duct components. A wear-resistant pressure piece at the forming point ensures the long lifetime of the forming station. An additional spring steel insert in the table plate reduces wear caused by plasma-cut metal sheets.

    Flexible forming
    The forming rolls of the R-15S flanging machine can create different flange heights - matching the required joints. For Pittsburgh joints flange heights of 8 and 10 mm should be selected. Snap-lock joints require flange heights of 10 and 11.5 mm. The automatic sheet guide simplifies the workflow so that even less experienced operators achieve constant forming results.

    Solution for snap-lock joints
    The counterpart to the snap-lock seam is the cam-standing seam. After the flange has been turned up in the first pass, the top attachment head cuts the cams and forms them. Fast. 

    Technical Data


    Material thickness max

    1.5 mm

    Flange height min-max

    6-15 mm


    0-9.4 m/min

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